oil seal  installation and methods

1, the installation of the oil seal can be flush with the front end of the shell aperture, you can also close the shell aperture low cross-section.
2, the positioning of the installation of the reference surface should be machined surface, the base plane can not be used unprocessed.
3, oil seal diameter should be coated with a layer of lubricating oil.
4, using hydraulic or pneumatic uniform oil pressure seal.
Note: The oil seal assembly surface is flush with the shell datum to ensure the perpendicularity of the shaft after installation, so that the lip seal on the shaft surface into a linear contact belt, to achieve a good sealing effect.
(2) installation of oil-free tooling
1, the oil seal outer diameter of the coating layer coated with suitable lubricants
2, knocking oil seal force should be uniform, not tilted.
3, check the oil seal into the shell after the base level flush.
Check oil seal spring must not fall off
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