V-belt type classification

When the pulley is installed, the symmetrical center plane of the pulley groove of the main circuit and the pulley shall be in the same plane. The position deviation shall not be more than ± 3% of the center distance. (Generally, the short center distance is 2 - 3mm; Long allowable deviation of 3% mm).
Before installation, if the two-axis center distance is adjustable structure, the center distance should be shortened, the tape installed and then adjust the center distance required; if the two-axis center distance is not adjustable, you can be a V-belt First set into the wheel slot to go, and then turn the other pulley, the triangle tape installed, the same method will be a set of triangular tape are fitted. Installed with a tool to prohibit the use of hard pry, hard pull on the V-belt to prevent triangular tape elongation or loose too tight phenomenon. To prevent the installation of belt pulley slot, the two pulleys on the center must be aligned, otherwise it will cause unilateral triangular tape work, serious wear and tear, reduce the triangular tape service life.
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