V-belt two categories

V-belt with a special core structure and core structure of the two, respectively, by the cloth, the top plastic, tensile body and the end of the four-component composition. V-belt structure of the V-belt easy to manufacture, tensile strength in general, low cost, wide range of applications with a special core structure of the V-belt toughness, high strength, suitable for high-speed occasions.
Then come to specifically talk about these two categories.
Ordinary tape core
Ordinary belt with a core V-belt most of the core with a cord, a small part of the cord with a core. As the two core structure are fiber twisting or preparation, in the triangular belt operation of the fiber shear with each other leading to the core with the gradual elongation. Therefore, the use of wire rope core and cord with the core production of ordinary V-belt can only be used in low-load transmission system.
Special with core
Special with a core V-belt with high-molecular polyester polyester steel palm solid core with a solid core with a core structure. As polyester solidified brown silk is solid twistless structure, good adhesion, flex resistance, high strength, do not run long, not only greatly improved the life of the rubber belt, and belt with a balanced life, businesses can Do maintenance-free, regular replacement.
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