V-belt slipping

V-belt after long-term use, there will be some small problems, making the use of the process is not smooth, to our daily work has brought great inconvenience, then, some people may think of waxing for the way to V-belt The use of life is very negative, belt wax involvement, will exacerbate the wear and tear of the V-belt, and even the surface of the rubber stick out, therefore, do not want to go to the wrong side of the belt, Covet a moment to save trouble and do more harmful things.
V-belt skid no more than two reasons, first triangular band too loose, the second is the triangular belt wear excessive.If the former, can release the engine foot bolt, adjust the wing before and after the oil machine position, so that V-belt tightness to fit In general, the V - belt tension of the machine should be increased by about 2 kg of vertical force at the midpoint of the V - belt, and the sag of 10 to 12 mm for the belt, and the new V - belt should be replaced.
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