V-belt composition

V-belt Model Common rubber material V-belt generally by the cloth layer, stretching layer (top glue), strong layer (tensile layer) and compression layer (primer) and other parts, the role of different parts are as follows: Cloth layer, Cloth layer is composed of oblique cut into 45 ° plain weave rubber canvas (mainly cotton canvas and polyester-cotton canvas), has excellent stretching and friction, can connect the various parts of the whole, protect the other parts are not Wear, erosion, and can increase the V-band stiffness of the role. The stretched rubber layer is composed of rubber material with high elasticity and excellent tensile properties, which is subjected to the tensile stress of the V-belt during the operation bending and acts as a cushioning protection for the strength layer. Strong layer, strong layer is the V-belt skeleton, the main types of polyester cord, polyester steel brown silk, aramid cord and dipped cord fabric, the role is to withstand the V belt in the process of running the pull Stretch stress, is the main force in the process of V-belt transmission part. Buffer rubber, polyester steel or brown ribbon core belt core belt around the strong layer, with a layer of the same core with good adhesion strength of the compound, that is, buffer rubber, which play a fixed core And can absorb the dynamic shear stress caused by frequent deformation of the V-belt at high speed.
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