V-belt component

Ordinary rubber material V-belt generally by the cloth layer, stretching layer (top glue), strong layer (tensile layer) and compression layer (the end of plastic) and other parts, the following manufacturers give you a detailed triangle belt to introduce.
1. Cloth layer, the cloth layer is cut from the oblique 45 ° plain weave rubber canvas (mainly cotton canvas and polyester-cotton canvas), with excellent stretching and friction, can be connected to the various parts of the whole.
2. Extension of rubber layer, stretching layer is a high elasticity, and has excellent tensile properties of the rubber composition, and play a buffer layer of strong protective effect.
3. Strong layer, strong layer is the V-belt skeleton, the role is to withstand the V-belt in the process of running the tensile stress, is the main force in the process of V-belt transmission part.
4. Buffer rubber, polyester tempered brown ribbon core or cord with the core of the V-belt around the strong layer, with a layer of the same core with good adhesion strength of the compound, that is buffer.
5. Compression layer, compression layer by bending fatigue resistance is excellent composition of rubber material, bear the triangular belt and then run the bending things generated by the compressive stress, to maintain the V-belt stiffness and elasticity.
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