Triangle belt maintenance

1, the industrial synchronous belt in transportation and storage, should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain leaching and to prevent the acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent substances to come in contact with, and distance heating device of meters away.

2, storage temperature should be kept at 18-40 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity should be kept between 50- 80%.

3, during storage, industrial belt shall be placed into a roll, not folded, placed during turning once every quarter.

4, different types, specifications of the industrial belt should not be used together, the best use of its joints.

5, industrial synchronous belt type, structure, specification, number of layers should be based on the use of reasonable choice.

6, industrial synchronous belt running speed is generally not more than 2.5 m / s, block degree, wear large materials and the use of a fixed discharge device should be as far as possible the use of low speed.

7. The relationship between the conveyor roller diameter and the industrial belt cloth layer, the matching of the drive roller, the roller and the angle of the roller groove should be selected according to the design requirements of the conveyor.

8, feeding direction should shun industrial belt running direction, to reduce the material falling when industrial belt of the impact should adopt the chute and reduce the material falling distance; industrial belt by the material should be relationship supporting and spacing and the buffer roller for material leakage, with adaptation with moderately soft gauge board, so as not to baffle plate is excellent.

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