The main reasons for the multi-wedge belt slipping are:

     (1) belt tension is not enough
     (2) the head of the large water spray or belt conveyor material moisture larger, resulting in friction coefficient between the roller and the belt to reduce.
     (3) the conveyor belt to load more.
     (4) serious deviation, the conveyor belt stuck.
     (5) cleaning device failure, resulting in a large foreign body between the roller and the conveyor belt.
     2, the risk of multi-wedge belt slip
     The belt slips on the drive roller, which causes the conveyor belt surface temperature to rise due to friction, and at the same time aggravates the wear of the conveyor belt. It may also cause the belt to catch fire or cause other accidents.
     3. To prevent the multi-wedge belt slippery concrete measures are:
     (1) often check the belt tension, moderate tension conveyor belt.
     (2) often check the conveyor belt conditions.
     (3) to take effective anti-shower measures.
     (4) to ensure that cleaning devices, anti-skid device reliable operation.
     (5) to control the load, non-overload operation.
     (6) stop the conveyor belt to pull out the material, and shall not be reloaded
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