1. Use and maintenance inadvertently make the solvent contact with the toothed belt, or cam before the oil seal and other oil seal damage, so that the oil into the toothed chamber and the tooth belt contact, resulting in tooth belt deformation damage; installation is not properly destroyed the engine with gas phase Bit, resulting in movement of the valve and the piston interference, serious accident occurred when the accident.
2. Timing teeth used for too long due to wear and tear, not timely inspection and adjustment of the jump teeth; the use of improper operation, such as the vehicle is not a normal rapid start, fierce acceleration, anxious start, will make the teeth instantly elongated and jump Teeth; dirt with the rotation of the toothed roller into the alveolar groove, the trough gradually shallow, a slight change in the engine speed will jump teeth.
3. Correct adjustment of timing teeth. Remove the observation window on the flywheel housing and turn the crankshaft by hand so that the engine flywheel end mark is opposed to the mark on the flywheel housing; align the mark on the camshaft toothed pulley with the cylinder head cover; Toothed belt and adjust the tightness of the toothed belt according to the regulations, adjust the thumb and forefinger pinch the camshaft between the intermediate shaft and the intermediate shaft gear wheel between the toothed force, the belt can flip 90O better.
After adjustment, the distributor drive shaft on the gap should be level, then the sub-distributor of the sub-fuse should be compared with the distributor shell mark, and then start the engine to achieve normal results.
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