Ribbed belt characteristics

The advantages of the ribbed belt:
1. Ribbed belt and pulley contact area and friction is greater, the load along the bandwidth of the distribution of more uniform, and thus greater transmission capacity; 2. As the thin ribbed belt with a light, flexible, reasonable structure, it is working 3, V-belt also has a small vibration transmission, heat dissipation, smooth operation, the use of elongation is small, transmission ratio and limit line speed and higher characteristics, and thus longer life; 4 . Energy-saving effect is obvious, high transmission efficiency; drive compact, occupy a small space.
In addition, the back of the ribbed belt can drive, and can use automatic tension adjuster, the transmission more secure and reliable. V-ribbed belt is particularly suitable for high-speed transmission with compact structure and high transmission power.
Rubber v-belt with both v belts with the advantages of peace, both flat with the soft, tough features, and v with compact, efficient and so on. Its main features are as follows:
1. Transmission power, the same space than the average V belt transmission power died 30% higher.
2. Transmission system is compact, in the case of the same transmission power, the transfer device space than the average V-belt 25%.
3. With a thin body, rich in flexibility, to adapt to small diameter pulley drive, but also to adapt to high-speed transmission, belt speed up to 40m / s; vibration, heat less, smooth operation.
4. Heat resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, the use of elongation is small, long life.
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