Ribbed belt characteristics

1. Transmission system is compact, in the case of the same transmission power, the transfer device space than the average V-belt 25%.

2. With a thin body, rich in flexibility, to adapt to the small diameter pulley drive, but also to adapt to high-speed transmission, Hainan multi-groove belt, belt speed up to 40m / s; vibration small, less heat and smooth operation.

3. Transmission power is large, the same space than the average V belt transmission power died 30% higher.
4. Heat, oil, wear, PH multi-groove with PJ multi-groove belt with multi-groove PK, the use of elongation is small, long life. V-ribbed belt refers to the flat belt as the base, the inner surface is arranged with equal distance longitudinal 40 ° trapezoidal wedge ring rubber belt, the working surface for the wedge side. PM V-ribbed belt combines the advantages of flat and V-belt characteristics, both smooth surface with a soft, tough features, and V-belt compact, efficient and so on.
   Main features: transmission power, the same space than the ordinary V-belt transmission power of 30% higher.
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