Resulting in oil seal the main factors

Lack of oil seals is the main factor causing oil spills. When the shaft wears to form the groove, even if the new oil seal can not be sealed, it is because the oil seal lip and the shaft contact pressure drop, resulting in oil seal lip diameter and shaft diameter after the interference is too small. S195 diesel engine crankshaft oil seal is an example, the analysis of the main reasons for poor sealing:
① oil seal manufacturing quality is poor;
② shaft or bearing poor quality;
③ improper use and maintenance;
④ improper installation;
⑤ improper storage, subject to adverse environmental pollution.
Oil seal is not strict and oil leakage countermeasures
1, master and identify the basic knowledge of shoddy products, buy high-quality, standard oil seal.
2, the installation, if the shaft diameter of the outer surface of the low surface roughness or rust, rust, glitches and other defects, use fine abrasive cloth or whetstone polished smooth; in the oil seal lip or shaft diameter corresponding position painted with oil or grease lubrication. Oil seal outer ring coated with sealant, with the cardboard shaft keyway part of the package wrap to avoid scratching the oil seal lip, with a special tool to rotate the seal into the inside pressure, do not hit the hard punch hard to prevent oil seal deformation Or break the spring and failure; if there is lip flanging, spring off and oil seal skew must be removed to re-load. It should be noted that: when the shaft diameter is not wearing and oil seal spring elastic enough, do not arbitrarily tighten the inner spring.
3, the application of the oil seal on the general working conditions of the poor, large temperature difference between the environment, dust and more frequent vibration of the mechanical parts to force the changing circumstances, to ground inspection, maintenance and maintenance.
4, such as shaft diameter and bearing wear serious; oil seal aging rubber or spring failure, etc., should be promptly repaired and replaced the corresponding parts.
5, the abnormal heat of the components or assembly should be promptly ruled out the failure; to avoid mechanical overspeed, overload operation, to prevent oil seal lip temperature, rubber aging, lip and other early wear.
6, should always check the oil level, if the oil impurities too much, there is alloy powder, metal filings to completely replace the new oil. The brand and quality of the oil change to meet the requirements of the season. It is recommended to add METTLERE Super Sealant & Lubricant to the engine oil, which is an excellent additive for the gearbox. It can form an inert material film on the part which can slow down the leakage of the oil seal and prolong the use of the oil seal gear Life, but also can reduce the noise of the gear box, the use of this super-Maitrey seal lubricant will not cause oil pollution or deterioration of oil.
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