Oil Seal Oil Leakage Reason and Maintenance

First, the oil seal works
1.  Seal agent under the free state of oil seal lip diameter than the journal has a small amount of interference.
2. After installing the oil seal edge interference pressure and self-compacting spring contraction force should produce a certain radial pressure of the rotary shaft.
3. Oil seal lip in the work under the radial pressure to form 0.25 ~ 0.5mm wide seal contact ring with oil under the pressure of oil into the oil seal edge and the shaft between the formation of a very thin layer of oil film by the oil surface The role of tension in the shaft and the edge of the blade edge to form a "new moon" surface to prevent the oil spill play a sealing effect.
Second, the main factors causing oil seal
Seal is not the main cause of oil seal leakage occurs when the axis of the formation of grooves even if the replacement of the new oil seal can not be sealed is due to oil seal lip and shaft contact pressure drop caused after the installation of oil seal lip diameter and journal interference is too small .
Third, the oil seal tight and leakage measures
1. master and identify the basic knowledge of shoddy products to buy high-quality, standard oil seal.
2. If the outer surface roughness of the journal surface is low or there is rust, corrosion, glitches and other defects to use fine abrasive or whetstone polished smooth; in the oil seal lip or journal corresponding position painted with oil or grease lubrication. Oil seal outer ring coated with sealant with cardboard shaft keyway part of the wrap to avoid scratching the oil seal lip with a special tool to rotate the oil seal inward pressure must not be hard to hit the hard punch to prevent oil seal deformation or break the spring failure ; If there is lip flanging, spring off and oil seal skew must be removed to re-load. It should be noted that when the journal is not worn and the oil seal spring is strong enough not to tighten the inner spring.
3. Application of the oil seal on the general working conditions in the harsh environment, large temperature difference between the dust and more frequent vibration of mechanical stress conditions so that changes in mechanical parts to ground inspection, ground maintenance and ground maintenance.
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