How to check if the V-belt will break

V-belts are tape cores that can be used as conveyor belts in conveyor applications, which are generally more robust and can be used in locations where higher speeds are required. In the use of the process, will inevitably encounter it broken, and now to introduce the triangular belt fracture inspection method.
Hand in the middle of each V-belt, the application of about 2 kg of vertical pressure, sinking amount of 20 to 30 mm is appropriate, inappropriate to be adjusted in time. Double or more than three or more triangular tape need to be replaced, to use the provisions of the type of triangle tape, and each group of triangular tape tightness is consistent, not allowed to mix the old and new or reduce the number of roots used, otherwise, new and old triangular belt uneven, Even the old V-belt does not work, affecting power transmission and shorten the life of V-belt.
V-belt is used as a conveyer for conveying materials, goods conveyor belt. Is an indispensable part of the transport industry. Therefore, we in use to strengthen its maintenance and inspection work.
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