How to buy conveyor belt

1, accurate description of the name of the specific materials, properties. In particular, grain size, temperature, whether it has acid, alkali and other corrosive and special requirements. Such as the use of heat-resistant conveyor belt temperature to explain.

2, description of specific applications, requirements specifications (width, length, number of layers, thickness, etc.), in particular the use of heat resistant conveyor belt temperature and volume size.

How to transport and store the conveyor belt

1, conveying belt in the transportation and storage should be kept clean to avoid direct sunlight or rain leaching, prevent and acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent contact material, and from the heating device of a meter away.

2, the conveyor belt storage temperature should be maintained at 18-40 degrees Celsius, the relative humidity should be maintained between 50- 80%.

3, the conveyor belt during storage, products must be placed into a roll, not folded, turning once the conveyor belt should be quarterly.
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