Cold resistance of oil seals

Cold seal on the decision of the characteristics of the lip material, axis deviation, the speed of starting and other important factors have complex effects. Normally, the amount of eccentricity of the shaft and the amount of elongation of the lip seal reach the limit. NOK uses the TR10 value of the lip material in the low temperature range as the reference temperature. In the actual use condition, for example, a temperature lower than the TR10 value, heat is generated after the start of sliding, and the temperature of the lip end is increased, thereby elastically recovering the rubber-like elastic body and maintaining the sealing property. On the other hand, when the temperature is higher than the TR10 value, the eccentricity of the shaft becomes large and the lip does not follow the leak. Only the TR10 value determines the permissible temperature of the oil seal is dangerous, need to consider the above-mentioned many important factors.
When the temperature of the rubber is affected by the temperature, the rubber heats or heats the polymer by cutting off the rubber with the influence of oil, chemicals, ozone, etc., and excessively increases the bond and loses the rubber-like elasticity and produces chemical changes. The oil seal determines the operating temperature based on the temperature dependence of the time. If only a short time there is high temperature, from the long-term consideration, the lower the use of temperature.
On the other hand, at a low temperature, the polymer constituting the rubber becomes inactive and the hardness changes. This phenomenon is generally with the temperature changes, is a reversible physical changes, namely, repeated and low temperature to room temperature cycle, at room temperature can still maintain the flexibility of rubber. Seal is a precision component, improper transportation and storage will lead to late use performance problems. Seal of the assembly, regardless of the installation of the oil seal part of the design and how to choose the oil seal suitable, if the assembly of the rough, can not give full play to the function of the oil seal. 1. Seal installation, the outer surface should be coated with the appropriate lubricant, the lip should be coated with a suitable clean grease, with a lip dust lip seal should be filled in between the main pay lip clean grease suitable, and then . 2. Seal the lip seal side of the seal medium, avoid reverse assembly. 3. Seal into the seat hole, the use of special tools should be pushed into, to prevent the location of skew. 4. Oil seal lips through the thread, keyway, splines, etc. should take various measures to prevent lips damage, and assembly with special tools. 5. Seal should be placed horizontally into the hole, and uniform pressure, do not tilt to force forward.
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