Classification of Edging Method for V - belt

Trimming process is to protect the appearance of neat triangle belt, beautiful and necessary process, but the trimming is often time-consuming, labor, strict requirements for the product, in trimming a little carelessness that may be out of waste, it must be treated with caution.
V belt manual trimming is the most primitive method. Low efficiency, quality is difficult to guarantee, especially for the configuration of complex, high precision products difficult to achieve a thorough, in the net, and it is easy to damage the product body and the overflow side of the connection. In order to improve the efficiency and quality, there has been mechanical trim. Common is a special electric trimmer with a rotating blade.
Mechanical trimming precision than hand-trimming, efficiency has doubled, especially for a multi-cavity products, can be arranged in accordance with the distribution of products and design to match the tool.
The vulcanized finished product of the V-belt, together with the waste side, was subjected to edge removal under refrigeration. For decades, with the choice of the frozen medium, replacement and improvement of mechanical action, frozen trimming has also experienced several generations of improvement, maturing and perfect, work efficiency and processing quality has been significantly improved.
V-belt products, the smaller size specifications, the more complex structure, the higher the difficulty of trimming, waste more. Through the mastery of technical means and the development of methods is an effective way to save costs.
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